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Calling all Lestradites!

Hi again Lestradites!

As the wonderful elfbert has mentioned, Team Lestrade's mod team will be changing in the near future, once this cycle ends and the second begins in January. One of these changes, I can tell you now, will be the appointment of elf as the new Lestrade!Mod! *clap clap clap* :D I hope you all congratulate her on her promotion, as it is well deserved with all the work she's put into rallying your troops in the absence of sheswatching, who has officially departed the Games as both a mod and a member of your team. Moreover, please wish elf the best of luck; with team mod status, she'll be involved in the running of the Games, not only your team, which means more responsibilities. She'll be spending time organising challenges, answering questions and the like, so she'll definitely be needing help.

This leads me onto why I'm here posting in your community: we really need deputies. One will do, two at most, but elf needs support when she ascends to team modliness. Deputies don't have a lot of work; it merely involves rallying troops and helping the team mod if necessary. That's it. Slap on an official title like 'Lestrade's Badge' and you're set!

We would love for you to come forward and volunteer your help. I know the team is very small right now, what with drop-outs, and the lack of a team mod hasn't helped. However, with elf taking over next cycle, I'm sure Team Lestrade will make a terrifying comeback - bolstered by the fact that you'll have additional Lestradites next year until all the numbers across the teams are even once more. Since you have the smallest team at the moment, you'll have the most new members next year, which is definitely something to look forward to!

If you're interested in stepping up to the small role of deputy, we would really appreciate if you send elf and myself (on my Watson!Mod / personal account, not this one) a message in the next few days; if more than two people show an interest, it will be first come first served. I would hate for her to be the only team mod to be deputy-less next year as a new addition to the mod team, so don't make her do all of the rallying on her own!

Thanks, and good luck submitting your fics for this final round!


Just a few hours left..

...I've got to go and sleep, as I have to be up again soon!

I'm leaving this entry unlocked just for anyone who hasn't yet managed to join our amazing team here.
You can still enter the challenge! Just go to thegameison_sh  and post under the Lestrade thread, and likewise title your fanmixes with 'Team Lestrade' - you don't have to be a member here to do that, you just have to have been assigned to team_lestrade  on the main comm.

And when I see you all next, it'll be over! Our first challenge done!

I know it's been a bit of a rough ride, and we've had a bit of a last minute scramble, but you've all been awesome, every one of you, and you should give yourselves a pat on the back and now, sit back and relax...Until the next challenge!

(Oh, and obviously don't forget to read and vote on the fics - there are bound to be lots of awesome ones!)



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